Social Lead Automation

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This integration automatically monitors Social Media conversations for keywords or phrases in your industry, and automatically creates leads in your SugarCRM system so that your sales and marketing teams can follow up. This is ideal for monitoring conversations in your industry, while also identifying potential prospects asking for advice around products your selling. This integration supports monitoring and lead creation across Twitter, Facebook, and any websites on the web that support RSS feeds. Learn more about this integration at www.Service-Push.Com. Supports all versions of SugarCRM including Community Edition.

How it works?

Using automated monitoring tools and our servers, the platform automatically scans up to 3 terms, keywords or phrases of your choosing to monitor social networks and websites. Our servers monitor these networks around the clock, and once a conversation with your keywords takes place, our integration creates a lead in SugarCRM for you to review and follow up on.

What Social Networks are Supported?

The current social networks supported are Facebook, Twitter, and any website with RSS feeds.

How does I get it?

Simply by signing up below, we will be able to set you up with a consultation and a quick turnaround on the integration with 1 week of optimizing and tuning your keyword support.

How much does it cost?

For 3 terms or phrases and 3 sources of social networks, you pay $30 per month. This is monitoring 3 keywords or phrases for up to 3 websites or social networks. This includes customer support and ongoing tuning and optimization of your queries.

What versions of SugarCRM are supported?

SugarCRM Community
SugarCRM Professional
SugarCRM Corporate
SugarCRM Enterprise
SugarCRM Ultimate

How Do I Purchase?
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