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Why Choose Open Source over Salesforce.Com?

Salesforce.Com is a good product that comes at a high price.  The key drivers for organizations switching to Open Source software for CRM are typically lower costs and having the same functionality. For organizations that utilize the typical functionality of CRM like Sales, Mass Email, Opportunity Management, Marketing, and Customer Support Automation – Sugar CRM or vTiger is an excellent choice for your organization but at a significantly lower costs.

Why Choose Salesforce.Com over Open Source?

Typically organizations that have no restrictions on budget, and want an integrated solution that combines CRM to other Enterprise Applications – Salesforce seems like an ideal choice.  Salesforce integrates applications like Employee and Social Collaboration, Human Capital Management, Call Center, and 3rd Party apps that integrate with it.  This enables a company to have most if not all Enterprise functions on one platform.  The negative to this is that migrating off Salesforce.Com can be difficult and the investment is typically high to achieve this.